Five Signs of a Great Casepacking Manufacturer

Make no mistake about it, your choice of a casepacking manufacturer can impact your company in more dramatic ways than you think. Casepacking is not just a cost. Casepacking is not just something you do to distribute and manufacture a product and get into the hands of your end user. Casepacking can actually influence your bottom line. We’re not just talking about reducing your cost here. We’re not just talking about efficiency. We’re talking about the brand signals that you are sending out to your most important customer.

A lot of manufacturers mistakenly think that their most important customer is the actual person that buys their product as a department store or the point of sale. Most manufacturers would be excused to think this way because in practicality, this is the truth. But in terms of overall effect and overall financial impact, your real customer really is the distributor.

The distributor is the person in your supply chain that buys up the bulk of your output. If you turn off that person, or if you get that company disenchanted with your brand, millions can be removed from your bottom line overnight.

This is why it’s really important that you only do business with the best casepacking manufacturer  such as Econocorp Inc. because you need to send the right signals to your distributor based on the cases that your products are packed in. This may seem like a small detail, but it isn’t because every small thing that you do impact your brand. Every small detail sends messages, and these messages can either help you or hurt you. This is why it’s very important to go only with a great casepacking manufacturer.

Here are the five signs of a great casepacking manufacturer.

High attention to detail

This company pays very high attention to detail. They will ask you a lot of questions regarding the specifications you send until they are clear as to what exactly what kind of quality you are looking for and what kind of end product you’re looking for. Instead of feeling annoyed, you should be very grateful. The higher the attention to detail, the higher the quality of the end product. The higher the quality of your cartoning products, the better the signals that you send out to your distributors and customers.

Customer sign off at each stage

You know you’re dealing with a high-quality casepacking manufacturer when they keep you in the loop. Every stage of manufacturing process involves you signing off. This is very important because if you want the best quality possible, you have to be highly involved. And the fact they involved you at each stage through a sign-off process ensures that the quality of the cases that you will be getting and the cartons you will be getting will be very high.

No take it or leave it attitude

You know you’re dealing with a great casepacking provider when they don’t have a take it or leave it attitude. Basically, they pack your cases, they carton your materials with your approval in mind. They want you to be satisfied. This is a great sign. Compare this with a service provider that basically says take what I leave you. It’s no comparison.

Solid track record

Another great sign of a great casepacking contractor is that they have a solid track record. They know what they are doing, and they have the track record to prove it. They’ve been in the business for so long that they know the common problems that pop up and most importantly, the solutions to those problems.


You know you’re dealing with a great contractor when this service provider can change along with changing times. When certain things occur that are beyond the control of the contractor, the contractor should be versatile enough to come up with solutions that take care of the business at precisely at the right time and in the right way. This is how you can tell you are working with a service provider that is worthy of your business.

Retractable Awnings For Businesses

The benefits of installing a retractable awning for your business

Awnings became quite popular in the second quarter of 19th century. At that time, an awn constituted of timber or cast iron, linked by a cross bar and erected by a sidewalk. Awnings have changed in great deal since then. Though the earlier models were non retractable, today’s models allow you to roll them back so as to get sunlight or shade.

There are typically two models of awnings; manual and motorized models. Manual models are operated by hand while motorized models are operated by electricity. 

Motorized models are superior to manual owing to the fact that, they are operated by a push of a button or a remote and are so much easier to operate. By them not having stands or supports to barricade your view, they help you enjoy unobstructed views. Retractable awnings may act as a signboard where the logo, the name of the business, sales messages and business address is printed. Besides, they are eye catching and available in various colors.

The awning may be set above the door of your business, a window or along a sidewalk. No matter where you decide to erect one, it will give you the convenience of setting the weather according to your own terms says David Smith owner of Shade and Privacy Awnings in Florida. You get the shade when you want it and the sun when you want it. The experience is further enhanced by motorized awnings, as some come with weather detectors and automatic settings that detect the weather be it sun, rain or wind. 

The windows and doors of your business may be letting in a lot of sunlight causing the upholstery to fade. Replacing the faded furniture or even carpets can cost your business a lot of money. Retractable awnings help to block the rays of the sun from the widows, walls and slides making the inside cooler. Laboratory tests show that, under awning canopy, it can be up to 20 degrees cooler. This is an ideal way of reducing your electricity bill as with them there is no need to install or operate expensive air conditioners during the summer.

If you operate a restaurant or other refreshment joint, you benefit from added space which gives your customers a choice of eating inside or outdoors under a soothing shade and a breeze. Appearance of your business is an essential marketing tool. Retractable awnings like these enhance and beautify the outside appearance of your business, giving you an upper hand to your competitors. Good appearance helps to attract new customers while keeping the current customers.

In summer, excessive sunlight can destroy the thermal panels. Many businesses are forced to install air conditioners that are quite expensive. Retractable awnings are a cheap way to protect thermal panels by shielding away excessive sunlight. When summer is over and winter has come, there is no need of taking them down as they remain retracted to the building so they can be used the following summer. There are so many great benefits of installing a retractable awning; the costs of not doing so would be to the detriment of your business.

Creativity and Flair in New Packaging Designs

New Inflight Meal Box

Scandinavian Airlines have been the first airline carrier to trial an new inflight meal box. The main benefits of the box is less weight, easier to handle, and most importantly, an attractive appearance that is easy on the eye.

It is actually made from Incada boxboard that comes from Iggesund Paperboard, giving it a different feel to many other inflight meal boxes.

So is the new inflight meal box a hit? At the moment it is just be trialled in the evening across certain Scandinavian Airline flights, although if it proves to be a hit then the trial will be extended into further flights.

Make no mistake about it, the new box definitely has a lot of creativity and flair, and it could represent a major improvement in the way meals are served on planes across the world.

New Can Serves Up Hummus and Chips

One of the major growth areas of recent years has been “food to go,” and this has resulted in a lot of new and exciting packaging designs being introduced into the market.

New Tribe To Go have just released a new can that offers consumers a selection of tasty hummus and chips that can be eaten just about anywhere. The food is contained in a portable composite can that is both easy to use and attractive to the eye.

Not only are consumers looking for “food on the go” but they also want healthy food. This is backed up by a poll from Mintel that suggests 65% of consumers want healthy snacks, while 36% of snackers currently eat their food on the go.

You can also add to this a tremendous growth in the sale of hummus over the past few years, with a rise of 77% so far in 2014. This means that the new can offered by New Tribe To Go is perfectly placed to cash in on these new consumer trends, and with such creative packaging, it could soon have prime position on many retail shelves around the country.

Anchor Cheese Introduces New Easy-Seal System

One of the most popular cheese companies in the UK have recently released creative new packaging that features a new easy-seal system. The main aim of the packaging is to make it easier for consumers to open and close the bag, while at the same time keeping the cheese airtight so it remains fresher for longer, and can also be used in the freezer with great results.

The new packaging is a result of many years of research and taking on board customer feedback at the Anchor Cheese HQ. UK Customers have long been looking for an easier packaging solution to keep their cheese fresh, while at the same time not being complicated to use.

So does this Easy-Seal system offered by Anchor Cheese have the solution? Only time will tell, but at first glance it certainly appears to be a major step in the right direction, and if initial tests prove to successful then production of this kind of packing will no doubt increase.

Efficient Beer Bottle Filling Equipment

If you want a trusted name in the beer bottle filling industry, I suggest that you try Meheen Manufacturing filling technologies. The Meheen beer bottle fillers can maximize production even with a limited space. The equipment does not occupy much area hence it is very ideal for those individuals who cannot afford extra space for bigger equipment. One more good thing about the Meheen beer bottle filler is that even if only requires a minimal space, the production rate is however equivalent to that of a similar equipment requiring a bigger space.

The Meheen beer bottle filler is an efficient equipment because of its ability to maintain consistent fills from one bottle to another. There is minimal product loss when transferring the beer which is one of the most usual complaints with beer bottle fillers. The equipment has an excellent pouring system that makes beer wastage to a very acceptable level. On top of that, the quality of the beer is not compromised and all beer transferred to every bottle will have the same quality from that of the original container.

One major concern among individuals who keep and maintain a beer bottle filling machine is the cost of its maintenance. With the Meheen beer bottle fillers, the owner is assured of minimal yearly maintenance costs. The Meheen filler is very reliable and requires minimal maintenance since it is pneumatically powered thus there is nothing much to maintain. It employs no gears, motors and even bearings that are often the source of breakdowns of similar equipment.

The most important feature of the Meheen filler is that it will allow an individual to fully control the operation of the equipment. It has an operating system that provides monitoring and control over carbonation, filling rates and also counter pressure. This process of control and monitoring can all be done with a simple touch of the equipment’s button.

If you are looking for a good alternative for you beer bottle filling needs, I suggest that you consider the Meheen beer bottle filling equipment. Packaging of beers can be a complicated process but with thee Meheen fillers, everything is made simple at every stage of the process. The supplier always aims for consistency and reliability and it does so by employing only the highest quality technology and parts. See website of Meheen and you will definitely be amused with what you will see and read on its website.

Why Should You Get A Retractable Awning?

awningsRetractable awnings have lots of advantages. Most homeowners should consider them. Let’s look at some of the reasons why they make such good additions to homes.

Orlando retractable awnings let homeowners control the weather in a sense. When light rains bring trouble to your outdoor lounge session, or when the scorching sun gets to be a little too much, you can extend the awning for almost immediate shade and protection. There are scientific study results that prove it can be up to 20 degrees cooler under the canopy of an awning.

Since awnings stop the sun from shining through glass windows and sliding doors, they can even keep the temperature cooler inside the home. So you don’t get the benefit just when you’re sitting outside your home. You will even save money on air conditioning as well. It might even prevent your furniture or carpet from wearing down and fading as much because of the sunlight. Awnings offer a sheltered place for pets and children to play too, since they are shielded from the direct sunlight.

Some awnings you can get today also have accessories that can seriously increase the utility and versatility owners get from their decks. Adding a screen can turn an awning into an almost insect-free outdoor space. You can even reduce the mist and wind coming from sides of awnings. Screen add-ons add a lot to your awning. Homeowners might also consider installing patio lights so they can have fun outdoors at night.

A retractable awning lets you enjoy your property a lot more. Search for an awning company near your location for the best prices and service of course. You can get access to more of your property more of the time, and that is significant considering how low the cost of awnings are. For a little bit of money, you could really add to your quality of life and the value of your home.

The importance of labeling products

Your label is the name that you give to your products. It is what differentiates your product from other producers or manufacturers. When people purchase a particular product, what helps them in determining whether the product before them is worth buying is the label appearing on the product itself.

Eye catching label
Eye catching label

For any businessman who engages in the selling or distribution of goods, the use of a label is very important and critical to the business operations. Labeling products creates an image of professionalism on the part of the company with the end result of an increase in sales and promotions. For an efficient way of preparing the labels of your products, the use of custom labeling machines like these are highly recommended. The type of labeling machine to use will of course depend on several factors. The most important thing to consider before choosing a labeling machine is to determine the extent of your operation. The type of labeling machine will depend on how many products need to be provided with the appropriate label within a given period of time. This will help in determining the efficiency of your operation and prevent backlogs and delays in the delivery of your products.

For start-up businesses and those which require minimal labeling of products, the use of the cheaper and portable labeling equipments will suffice. Since these machines are merely portable, the production rate is of course low. Some of the more popular portable labeling machines are manufactured by Dymo, Brother and Epson. However, for a company that requires extensive and round-the-clock labeling operations, the use of the bigger and heavy duty labeling machines is highly recommended. There are labeling machines that can have productivity rates of more than two thousand labels per hour and this will be a big boost to a company with an enormous operation. Some popular providers of the heavy labeling machines include Viking and Universal Labeling Systems.

The portable or handheld labeling machines usually do not require installation while the more heavy duty ones require prior installation. Companies that provide the bigger labeling machines like Universal Labeling Systems will sometime provide free installation and also administer free training for these labeling machines.

Whatever your labeling needs are, it is important that you only get from companies with the known reputation and expertise in this line of activity. Labeling is a continuing procedure hence it is better that there will be no interruption caused by the breakdown of the machines.

LDAP Directory Migration: Potential Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Up until four years ago, most businesses were content having their directory on the Sun System. However, after Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems in 2010, companies have been migrating in their droves to other systems, mainly due to price hikes and unreliability in the new Sun system.

Migrating your LDAP proxy directory, if you haven’t done so already, is an excellent idea and makes good business sense. However, the process of migration is not without its potential pitfalls, and it is important to be aware of these before you make a start.

Potential Pitfalls When Migrating your LDAP Directory

  • Not all LDAP directories are created equal… How easy the process of migration is depends largely on the type of directory you have. The structure of your directory will impact how easily it can be migrated, and the system agents may vary considerably.
  • Back end design. It’s entirely possible that your back end structure may clash with the new system, which can be costly to reconfigure. Unfortunately, these clashes are not always easy to identify immediately, as they won’t be visible on the user end.
  • Schemas. The schema, or ‘language’ of your directory, which basically tells the directory how to behave, may not translate on your new system. As a result, you’re likely to require a Virtual Identity Server, in order to avoid having to recode completely.

Smooth LDAP Directory Migration

To avoid the stress and additional cost of migrating your LDAP, it’s important to seek expert help. It’s likely that you’ll be offered a virtual identity server, as this makes the process considerably simpler, whilst also offering your company some significant advantages. A Virtual Identity Server will significantly reduce the time spent working on the migration, and is also able to mimic any special features that you previously appreciated on the Sun platform.

Robot Arm Case-Packs 15,000 Eggs Every Hour

Located in the Italian town of Spirano, an egg production company called Cascina who process over 2 million fresh eggs every single day have come up with a new way to increase their output.

At the end of the day, the egg market is extremely competitive, and any company who isn’t constantly innovating and coming up with new ideas will quickly be out of business.

It was only a few years ago that egg cases were packed by hand, with employees standing all day at a production line doing the repetitive tasks. However, in order to speed up production, Cascina decided that the way forward was to install 4 UR5 robot arms.

These arms are from the company Universal Robots, and was supplied by Italian distributor Alumotion. Needless to say, once the robot arms were installed and the initial teething problems ironed out, then production increased enormously, with 15,000 eggs now being packaged every single hour around the clock.

Best of all, the robot arms are very lightweight making them easy to move around. They are also compact, and has the ability to operate without safety guarding. A spokesperson for Cascina said, “It was important for us to be able to install the robot in areas with limited space to retain the full flexibility we need to be able to react to the demands of the market.”

So what about the history of the egg production company Cascina? Well, they entered the egg sector nearly 20 years ago, and before that were operating in the milling and feed industry. No matter what business they are in the philosophy is simple…always keep the quality high, while at the same time being right on the edge of innovation.

This is actually not as straight forward as it sounds, due mainly to the fact that the egg production business has very low profit margins, which means there is very little room for error.

The success of the robot arms at Cascina is expected to completely change the entire egg production industry in Italy, with other companies expected to follow suit in the near future. Obviously, any company that doesn’t keep up with this kind of technology will quickly be priced out the market, and ultimately, the business won’t be around for much longer.

It should also be emphasized that safety is a main factor with the UR5 robot arms, and they are constantly being monitored to make sure there are very little problems.

“Safety is of course essential, and with the innovative technological solution adopted in the robots that enables them to stop on their own at the slightest touch, combined with the gripper that has no dangerous elements, we have been able to install a robot into our facility in compliance with all necessary safety standards,” said a spokesperson.

Interestingly, Cascina expect to see a return on their investment within 12 months, which means they may be looking to expand the amount of UR5 robot arms they have in their production line very soon.

The Benefits of Bulk Plastic Containers

bulk containerWhen it comes to storing and shipping your items, bulk plastic containers are the way to go. These containers come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and designs, allowing you to easily customize your container to meet your needs. Choose from standard containers, containers with convenient handles, reinforced containers for safe and secure shipping, recycled containers, and more. There are even handy accessories, such as plastic pallets, to make storing and transporting bulk containers easier. You can go for basic containers in a solid color or get crazy with decorative fun containers; you can even decorate them yourself if you want. The possibilities are endless.

Plastic collapsible bulk containers like these are known for being very affordable. However, they’re a lot more affordable if, instead of buying just one piece at a time, you buy several pieces at once. A bulk order allows you to get the lowest “per piece” rate. You can find different packaging deals too. Order several containers in one size or purchase a bulk variety package featuring an array of containers in different shapes and sizes. Which package you’ll need to buy depends on your shipping and/or storing needs.

Once your containers arrive, you’re free to start using them! If you’re using your containers for storage, then you are good to go. Plastic containers are naturally waterproof and need no special setup to safely store your goods. Just label your containers and put your items in storage. For shipping, you’ll want to decide if you want to send just the plastic container itself or to place that container inside of a shipping box. The second option is recommended since it will provide an extra layer of protection for your shipped item. However, no matter what you’re using your containers for or why, you’re sure to have a great experience with plastic containers.